To be highlighted, I like all of the song included in Reputation Album. From …Ready For It? until New Year’s Day. These 4 songs I listed here are songs that I frequently play whenever I need to listen to any song. And FYI, this album is so recommended. To be honest, it is hard for me to choose only 4 songs, because of almost those 15 songs, I always play it frequently.

1. Delicate

Delicate is track number 5 in this album. Honestly, I didn’t really like this song at the first time I heard it. But when I was diving in the lyric, these words could swim in my mind deeply and have deep meaning about your concern when people you love hears about your worst reputation. Taylor said during her Reputation Stadium Tour 2018 about this song. She said “this is so emotional for talking about this. When your reputation is getting worst, and you are so scary that someone only look and hear to those fake medias instead of you.” For that situation, this song is there. Taylor wrote this for her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. And she hopes, he loves her for her, not for those fake medias about her nor about her reputation. This is writen in the first verse “this ain’t for the best, my reputation never been worst so you must like for me”.

2. Dress

Well, this is my fitst time hearing Taylor’s sexual song. When I heard this, the rythm is just similar with “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” the song she sings with Zayn Malik for Fifty Shades Darker movie. The lyrics are so deep (as always as Taylor) and so intens by chorus lyrics “Say my name and everything just stop. I dont want you like a bestfriend. Only bought this dress so could take it off, take it off” oh sh*t I really like it. I think the old Taylor is really and totally dead. As an old Taylor who always write her broken heart or her exes with lyrical words, and now see, Taylor is deeply in love with Joe Alwyn. From Don’t Blame Me, So It Goes…, Gorgeous, King of My Heart, to this Dress, Taylor really proves that she is not a player nor heart breaker. She is a keeper and fighter for her love.

3. Getaway Car

Well, actually this song reminds me to Harry Styles in Taylor’s Style lyrics “Midnight, you come and pick me up no headlights” and in its video clip where Taylor enjoys herself in a getaway car during her driving with someone (probably Harry Styles). Well, the whole world knows, Taylor is the best bridge maker. There is no fail bridge for all of her music. And this is the reason I like this song. The bridge is so amazing “we were jet-set Bonnie and Clyde. Until I switched to the other side to the other si-i-i-i-ide. It’s no surprise I turned you in. ‘Cause us traitors never win” And so the lyric, and so the music. How Taylor drew herself as a crime is just fit to the rythm. Some medias said this is for her ex, not sure which one between Calvin or Tom (or both), surely Taylor wanted to leave a guy she had met and spent the time together. This song also reminds me of the old Taylor, especially the 1989 Era.

4. Gorgeous

This is the most favourite Reputation Album song for me. The first time I heard it when Taylor Swift uploaded its lyric music video in her Youtube channel. Looking forward this Reputation Album, which is including her worst reputation, snake icons, and dark pop genre from track 1 to 7, finally come to track 8 with this Gorgeous and I hear this as old Taylor. The rythm, lyrics, music, these are so old Taylor and I really miss it. No hate, no reputation included, no dark pop, just remember about Speak Now or Red era. Well, everyone knows this is for her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. I think, after 1989 as Harry Styles, now come Reputation as Joe Alwyn.

Those are my most favorite Reputation song from Taylor Swift. As I said before, it is hard for me to choose only 4, because all of the song list in this album is awesome, even 1989 is always the best for me.

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