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K for Koumpounophobia

Few days ago, someone asked me about my phobia. I was wondering, “what is my phobia?”. And I didn’t think I had any phobia because I was fear for nothing. But, until I red some articles in news feed of my social media, I got one thing. I am a Koumpounophobia since I was kid.

Honestly, I just knew this name at that day I checked out my news feed. I really didn’t know that my phobia had a name. I just knew too that Steve Jobs had the same phobia with me.

So, what is Koumpounophobia? It is phobia of buttons. Why am I fear of buttons? Actually not fear, but phobia of buttons. You will have some reasons for being fear of something. But you don’t know what’s the reason why are you phobia about it. So, if you want to know the reason why I am phobia of buttons, exactly, I don’t know. Literally don’t know.

If you say it is strange, yeah, that’s true. You wont meet someone with usual phobia. Phobia will always be strange. Like my friend, she is phobia of donuts. And there is phobia of pretty girl, phobia of flowers. And me, phobia of buttons.

That’s why, my outfit is always t-shirt, jersey, or sweeter. So, if all this time you are wondering why I always wear t-shirt or sweeter even for college, you know the reason. I am a Koumpounophobia. For me, how beautiful the outfit is, if there are buttons in it, I deny it. I wont scream if I see buttons, but I will fell goosebumps and try to avoid it directly when see it.

It is lucky I am not phobia of ice cream or cat, and luckily not phobia of you.(ann)

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