Penpal? Snailmail? What is that?
For those of you who are still confused about penpal and snailmail, I will try to explain the literal meaning. In the modern era like now, you may be surprised when I explain that penpal and snailmail are a mailing activity through the post office with our pen pal from all corners of the world. Yes, through the post office. You write the letter on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, attach it with a stamp, hand it to the postman, and wait for about a month to arrive and get a reply.

Some of you will interrupt with a few sentences “In the modern era with email, whatsapp, line, and other social media? Don’t you waste your money and time? “
Umm … I don’t think so. Not wasting money and time at all because it is very useful to practice writing in English and increase your friendship (believe me, this is really useful because I have experienced it). After all, we not only send a letter, but also exchange sweets, tea, special edition stamps in a country, chocolate, and of course postcards. There’s nothing more fun than finding your desk or your post office box full of envelopes with all the knick-knacks from the outside world that you haven’t even visited. If you still don’t believe that this correspondence activity isn’t extinct, you can look at my story Instagram in the Snailmail column or you can search for it in your search engine.

I would even be very happy if I could be your penpal. No matter where you come from, no matter how old you are, or whatever you are busy with, believe me, I will be very happy to send the letters to your address. If you are interested, you can fill in the fields below (I guarantee confidentiality) and I will contact you to confirm your address. Really, I’m very happy to know you.